Monday, October 22, 2018

Episode 100: Android Rendering

In this episode, Chet and Tor Yigit Boyar talk with Chris Craik from the Android Toolkit team about graphics and the evolution of the UI renderer on Android.

By the way, THIS IS EPISODE 100, PEOPLE! WE MADE IT! AND THEY HAVEN'T EVEN CANCELED US YET! Sure, it's because the people that could and would cancel us don't know we exist, but I still think it's an important milestone to still be here, still recording, still posting, and still talking about random Android development stuff.

In the studio, we had a massive celebration for this amazing achievement, which consisted of recording the conversation and then returning to the office.

(This is actually part 1 of a 2-part episode; we talked so much about rendering that we made the first part into its own episode. We will carry on into non-rendering topics in the next Chris-filled episode.)

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Thanks to continued tolerance and support by our audio engineer, Bryan Gordon.