Monday, March 15, 2021

Episode 158: Jetpack Compose... C'est bêta !

Chet, Nick, Clara, Leland, Tor, Adam, and Romain.
So many guests!
This time, Tor, Romain, and Chet chatted with a few people on the Jetpack Compose team, about... Jetpack Compose!

Compose hit Beta a couple of weeks ago (don't believe me? Check out the recent Android show on Compose Show!), so we took the opportunity to talk to some of the people that have helped build it. We talk about the current state of the library, but also about some of the design decisions that went into developing the APIs and functionality.

(Note on the audio quality for this episode - it turns out that mixing so many people, all of whom recorded themselves separately using very different hardware and setups was... tricky. It's listenable, but maybe a tad below the level we shoot for. Blame the pandemic. I do.)

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The Jetpack Compose site (overview, tutorial, docs, samples, and more)

Nick: @crafty

Thanks to our audio engineer, Dustin Elm, who has handled all of our audio mixing
for the last couple of years, including the tricky part of mixing all of our remote-
recorded episodes, like this one.
Dustin's moving on to (greener? softer? louder?) pastures, so we'll be using
a new, exciting process for mixing future episodes. Thanks, Dustin!