Friday, April 10, 2015

Episode 24: Roman Holiday

Tor and Chet are joined by Roman Nurik from the Android Developer Relations team. We talk about Asset Studio to the Muzei wallpaper to Material Design to Android Studio application templates to watchfaces to icons to the Google I/O scheduling app to Android application design to the FORM conference. I guess he's been busy.

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Relevant Links:

DashClock Code:
Muzei Code:
Android Asset Studio
Android Design Preview
Android Wear Watchfaces
Google I/O App
Google I/O App Code:
Material Design


  1. Congratulations for the podcast! Can you guys talk about best practices for android unit tests?
    I think this is a theme when there is too much struggle and little support from google. Where I can find an official android project with the best practices? I am not the only with this idea, please see this link:

  2. Thanks for this Podcast. As a former Java Posse fan I am with you from the first minute.

    Just one request: The audio level of your episodes is quite low which makes it hard to listen in a noisy environment. The entry song is loud, but the spoken part needs a boost for future episodes.

    BTW: Checkout uPod -- my freemium podcast player for Android with beatiful material design:

  3. @Carlos: Check out the very next episode, where we talk about Espresso.

    @Sven: Also check out the very next episode, where we use *way* better microphones and the audio quality is (we hope) vastly improved.

  4. @Chet: Thanks a lot the Espresso-episode sounds much better. Nevertheless I've build an audio gain into my podcast player uPod this weekend (currently in beta) which amplifies low signals before they are rooted to Android's audio channel to hear to episodes with a low recording signal.

  5. @Chet Haase I wrote a comment one year ago and It's good to realize the huge improvement google devs did. It's way easier to ship apps with high quality code nowadays! I would like to congratulate android devs at google for the support and huge improvement that was achieved!