Monday, March 7, 2016

Episode 44: Power On

Chet, Ashish, Meghan, and Tor wait uncomfortably
for the photograph to be taken
In this episode, Tor and Chet talk with Ashish Sharma and Meghan Desai from Project Volta, an initiative starting in the Android Lollipop release to improve Android battery life.

Listen in to find out what kinds of things cause high battery usage and how you can make your apps better about conserving device power.

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  1. Hey Tor, I believe in the end you were talking about the xml attribute
    android:keepScreenOn="true" ?

  2. Just a feature request regarding keyboards in general. Would it be possible to request an anonymous identifier from the app/activity when the keyboard opens up? This identifier could then be used to store keyboard settings and recall them when the same identifier (maybe from the same package name to avoid collisions).
    Use-case: Allow for different languages on different chats in Hangouts, so that the keyboard automatically switches to the last used language for that user when ever the chat is active.
    The reason to make it as an activity provided anonymous id is that the keyboard can't draw real conclusions and privacy is kept.