Thursday, December 1, 2016

Episode 59: Buncha New Stuff

Chet and Tor. Just Chet and Tor. Nobody else.
In this episode, Chet and Tor find themselves without a guest so they spend the episode talking about three new releases: Android N MR1, support library, and Android Studio 2.3 Canary.

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Thanks to continued tolerance and support by our audio engineer, Bryan Gordon.


  1. Can you add a link to the post you referenced that talks about breaking down the support library? Been looking around for it but not finding it.

  2. is it possible to have more information about the touch latency reduction. Are you shifting VSYNC out? or are you creating extra threads for each stage of the UI processing. So instead of the current two threads, you now will have a thread for layout for example.

  3. Really useful podcast as usual guys! However, it was a bit bittersweet hearing you rave about the Pixel's inclusion of a night mode, when I and many others are lamenting the fact that this feature has been taken away from all of us with non-Pixel devices...

  4. Amazing info. Thanks for sharing Dudes. Consider providing details about Android Rooting as well.