Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Android Developers Backstage - Episode 8: Volley

In this episode, the second in a bizarrely and completely unplanned series on Play Store technology, Tor Norbye and Chet Haase are joined by Ficus Kirkpatrick from the Play Store team (and from many other Android projects from the early days). Listen in to hear what Volley is for and how you can use it to simplify your network requests and bitmap download/caching code.

Relevant links:
Volley email list:!forum/volley-users
Gson adapter for Volley:

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  2. Really awesome job Ficus Kirkpatrick, best question by Chet is "why we call it volley" but the answer is more clear in your I/O talk. Nice Quete "1000 lines of code in couple of hours but every line is perfect". Tor more concern about gradle so he did not talk much, ficus make him happy by providing gradle dependency, BTW we have mirror of volley in maven repository which is I am using currently. Ficus can you please answer a simple question as I did not get it from anywhere "what is the difference between using volley or HttpUrlConnection with inbuilt response caching ? ". Also how can I use download manager to download apk files inside my applications private storage instead of SD card ? Me too working on an Enterprise application market integrated with MDM solution , your help would really be appreciated.

  3. No link to the audio? Gonna have to dig down into the XML to find it again...


  5. Would love to hear the podcast, link please?